Local Listing

Target your audiences in a specific locality.

Local Business Listing (LBL) is like a local directory where visitors can find information about local businesses and companies. If your business covers only limited area, it will be baseless to put up your advertisement to be seen globally and will also cost you more money and time. Local business listing is most suited for businesses such as hotels, restaurants, grocery stores and the more generally constituted businesses that service only specific locality. 

Local Business Listing gives you the best control over the way your business listings appears in Google Maps. You can talk about your company, the services you provide, provide complete address, contact details and direction so that your target audience will get a quick idea about your business and can approach you easily.

The Local Business Listing expert team in Aspire Technology Services will employ the best techniques to set up and manage your Google local business listings:

1. Photos – Add as many photos as you can and a company logo.

2. Multiple Reviews – We will provide positive review entries that will give more worth to come up at the top in Google local listings as people trust products with lots reviews.

3. Use Keywords in Company Description – Prepare description keeping in mind the most relevant business keywords. 

4. Add a Coupon – Google allows printable coupons to be added by your listing. Adding these elements to your Google Local Business help you get to the top in the listings.

6. Create links to the listing – Add a link from your homepage to the listing and encourage current customers or website visitors to review your company.

7. Add Videos- If your company already has videos on YouTube you can place them right there on the page
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