Cancellation & Refund Policy

Aspire Technology Services cancellation policy differs slightly for different services such as Search Engines Optimization, Website Design & Development and Web Hosting. For cancellation policy pertaining to each particular service, you are requested to refer to the service agreement details and specifications.

All the cancellation requests should be submitted to the billing and account department by email, direct mail, fax or telephone. Please note that your cancellation request will not be consider valid unless the billing & account department confirms it. You will be provided a confirmation number or receive a confirmation email from the above mentioned department which will serve as a proof of service cancellation.

You will need to notify us 30 days for any cancellation. This is required to ensure that your account is effectively disconnected or discontinued at the desired time.

Aspire Technology Services do not provide guarantee for cancellation refunds for any particular service.

Aspire Technology has the exclusive rights to bring modification to the cancellation refund policy without prior notice.